Hair Services

Hair Services

Hair... what does it mean to a woman? An adornment incomprehensible to other's. Only an individual could express its importance to one's self.

As a hairstylist, and a woman, I can tell you... there is no price I wouldn't pay to have the hair of my little girl fantasy as a grown woman. Magically, a hair transformation is just the start to a new confidence, a more confident woman all around. When a woman feels sexy, feminine, adorned and envied, what more is there!

Working with women everyday, I selfishly feed off the praise and thanks I receive from my clients. Fortunately I am able to provide them with a fulfilled fantasy in a matter of hours. I still, with each client get great satisfaction in the the emotion that exudes them at the end of their appointment.

Working with a strand by strand method of hair extensions made of human hair, I am able to add thickness, volume, length and confidence to clients. It is a wonderful restoration of youth and femininity.

- Sandra K. Milligan


On-Location Bookings

If you are interested in a wedding day booking for your home, hotel, island wedding etc. Please book a consultation for a trial and informal styling hour.

At this time we are free to play around with your hair and discuss what will suit your overall look best.

Feel free to bring pictures, your headpiece, accessories, your mother! (or whoever will give their honest opinion)

In-Studio Bookings

Our hair professionals offer full services by appointment.

We specialize in corrective and creative colour (using Framesi hair colour from Italy), hair cutting, and hair extensions.